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New Window Installation In Atlanta

Whether you want to improve the value of your home, increase energy efficiency or simply take advantage of more natural light, we provide affordable windows with great service.

High-Quality Windows to Add Beauty & Value to Your Home

Clear Choice Windows provides high-quality window replacement services with excellent customer service. We are loved by countless homeowners and always ensure that our windows will last a lifetime. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting top of the line craftsmanship from experienced installers who specialize in making sure each project goes smoothly as possible, with advanced materials used throughout so they withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Window Styles We Install

We believe that every person should have options when it comes down to choosing their new windows, which is why we carry many different styles in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

One of the first decisions we encourage people to make is the framing material they want to use for the windows. There are significant differences between aluminum windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows and wood windows. We can provide any type of materials.

Types of Windows

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a great way to open up any room in your house by giving it an outdoor feel. The single pane of glass allows for plenty of natural light, which will make you feel as if nothing can stop nature from coming inside. They come with many styles and designs so that there’s a perfect fit no matter your type or style preference.

Slider Windows

Slider windows, also known as gliding windows, provide excellent lighting and ventilation with clear views of the outdoors. These windows have one single sash that moves across another fixed one but can be equipped with multiple sashes if needed for even greater ventilation control. They work well in modern homes that have limited outdoor space.

Garden Windows

The garden window is an excellent way to bring the outdoors in. The windows jut out into your yard or another exterior area and look like the bay-style window with an additional slanted element on top, containing several shelves that can be used for anything from small indoor gardens to display cases. They also add natural light, fresh air, and especially work great in your kitchen over your sink or anywhere you want a small greenhouse to add flair and architectural value to your home.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great way to bring some natural light into your home. With multiple views and an open design, these glass panes offer superior visibility while also letting in plenty of sunlight – perfect for kitchens or family rooms. The extra space given may make them suitable replacements when renovating older homes, increasing the size of a room by up to five feet. You can even point them inward, if necessary, to remove space.

Bow Windows

Bow windows have similar features to the bay window but have slightly curved profiles that add space to any room. They are typically constructed from four or more casement windows that have two movable sashes and two fixed ones. Additionally, they allow more light to shine through than any other window type which improves the architectural look of your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the perfect choice for hard-to reach places because you can crank them open instead of sliding them up and down. They’re especially good next to sinks or appliances in order to add extra light while also providing fresh air to the room.

Awning Windows

Awning windows provide you with privacy while still letting light into your room. You can open them slightly from the bottom or leave them closed entirely, depending on how much air ventilation is needed. More often seen in commercial buildings and schools than homes, (though they’re not aesthetically pleasing), these types of windows are handy when looks aren’t everything, such as side rooms or above doors.

Double Hung Windows

One of the most popular replacement window styles chosen by homeowners are double hung windows. This style has both top and bottom sashes that can be opened for increased airflow as well as easy cleaning.

Single Hung Windows

One of the most common window styles for homes and offices are single hung windows. They come equipped with one fixed sash on top and a moveable sash on the bottom. When the window is opened, the bottom sash allows it to slide up while partly obstructing the top sash.

We can handle any custom window installation you may want. Call us and let’s talk about your window replacement project today.

Our Customers

We deliver and install windows for a wide variety of customers. While most of the people we work with are homeowners, we also work with:

  • Builders
  • General Contractors
  • House Flippers and Investors

We specialize in large window orders and since we typically have the new windows installed within a 4-6 week range, our delivery is one of the best in Atlanta presently.

Call us and let’s set up a free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Replacement

When Do I Need to Get My Windows Replaced?

The average lifespan of a window is about 15-30 years, but this can vary depending on factors such as material, maintenance, and climate. If your windows are older than 15 or so, then it might be time for an upgrade. Look for signs of leaks, warping, rot, or damage. Usually, windows should only have to be replaced once, possibly twice in your lifetime.

Do I Need to Replace All My Windows at Once?

Depending on your needs, you can replace a few or all your windows. However, installing multiple windows at a time can save on installation and labor costs.

Am I Able to Install New Windows Myself?

Installing new windows is a tedious process that takes careful planning and precision. You’ll need to make sure the measurements of each window match up perfectly as well as ensure they’re level before you can put anything into place. It’s best to have a professional window installation team install them for you.

How Long Does a Window Installation Take?

Our professional installers can replace one window in about 30 minutes, while also completing projects of ten or more windows within two days.

Trust the Experts

Whether you want to insulate, replace old windows, or just protect your home from the elements with quality products that fit in well and add value – Clear Choice Windows can help. Trust our team of experts as we guide you through this process. Call today!

Our Service Area

We have customers who are thrilled with us all around Metro Atlanta. We have installed new and replacement windows throughout Gwinnett County, Hall County, Cobb County, Fulton County & Dekalb. We have worked with builders, general contractors and homeowners in cities like Buford, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Athens, all the way over to Woodstock, Marietta, Stone Mountain, Cumming & Johns Creek.

Call us and let’s talk about your new windows today.

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