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Window Replacement For Multi-Family Dwellings

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Experienced Professionals for Your Commercial Window Installation

Clear Choice Windows is a leading provider of windows for large multi-family homes and apartment buildings. Our custom manufacturing process meets even the most demanding specifications. Clear Choice offers professional installation and replacement window services that ensure quality results with every project we take on.

We combine our expertise in planning, project management, customer service, and construction to provide you with the best window solutions at the best pricing. We work closely together on each of your projects so that we can offer tailored services for all types of buildings. We have extensive experience working at every stage from concept through completion including new builds or renovations, churches, retirement homes, apartment complexes, and more.

Facts You Need to Know About Large Window Replacement Projects

The type of windows you will need, and the scope of your commercial renovation is all dependent on a long list of factors. This includes quantity, materials, labor, type of windows, and more, so be sure to get professional advice from Clear Choice Windows before making any decisions. Here are some factors to consider with your window replacement project:

North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) – The North American Fenestration Standard is a window rating system that provides an important indication of the ability of windows to withstand various factors. It serves as a basis for determining requirements and tolerances when designing new buildings or renovating old ones, especially those at high elevations where they’re exposed to stronger winds due to their height. NAFS levels can help prevent failures by ensuring proper installation during the construction process. The four ratings include:

  1. Residential (R)
  2. Light Commercial (LC)
  3. Commercial Windows (CW)
  4. Architectural Windows (AW)

Windows must meet these important standards for them to be approved for commercial use.

Internal Load Dominated Buildings

Internal load dominated buildings are those that have a high population and equipment density. These types of properties generate significant amounts of energy, which leads them to be built using specially designed windows with reduced solar heat gain potentials.

Without these windows, commercial properties will have a hard time staying cool in the summer and warm during winter. Other types of buildings are envelope load dominated structures which means they don’t generate much internal heat due to their lack or crowding together like homes do with sunlight as an assisted energy-efficient heating source.

Higher Standards for Commercial Window Manufacturing & Installation

Though commercial-grade windows are thicker and heavier than residential ones, they also come with a higher price tag. This is because of their special construction needs which include glazing or solar resistance coating that isn’t needed on regular homes since these types can be made smaller without sacrificing functionality in order to meet code regulations.

The construction of commercial-grade windows requires more material, which costs more money. The process also takes specialized equipment like cranes and scaffolding to install them properly in your building’s structure – this can increase their price tag quite significantly.

Choose the Qualified Commercial Window Installation Specialists

The building process is a delicate balance of design, engineering, and construction. Our commercial window installation specialists have the expertise to make sure that your property meets all specifications for sustainability while meeting you on time with excellent workmanship. We provide a free consultation, so schedule an appointment today.

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We have customers who are thrilled with us all around Metro Atlanta. We have installed new and replacement windows throughout Gwinnett County, Hall County, Cobb County, Fulton County & Dekalb. We have worked with builders, general contractors and homeowners in cities like Buford, Lawrenceville, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Athens, all the way over to Woodstock, Marietta, Stone Mountain, Cumming & Johns Creek.

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